CHA Receives Honor Award in ACEC Ohio 2021 EEA

Posted December 9, 2020

CHA Consulting, Inc. (CHA) is pleased to announce the Knox County Regional Airport Runway 10/28 Rehabilitation has been selected to receive an Honor Award in the ACEC Ohio 2021 Engineering Excellence Awards. The award recognizes this runway rehabilitation project for engineering design excellence in the Transportation category. Award winners will be honored at ACEC Ohio’s annual awards ceremony luncheon held next year.

Knox County Regional Airport is a general aviation facility located approximately five miles south of the City of Mount Vernon, Ohio. The airport’s sole runway, Runway 10/28, had not been rehabilitated since its reconstruction in 2005-2006. After evaluating several repair options prepared by CHA, the Knox County Regional Airport Authority selected full depth reclamation as the preferred solution. Full depth reclamation recycles the existing pavement into a new base course, and then a new asphalt surface course is placed on top of it. This solution significantly reduced the capital cost, reduced the runway’s closure period by 50 days, and reduced the need for trucking materials on and off the site, thereby substantially shrinking the project’s carbon footprint.