CHA Reaches 20% Carbon Reduction Goal Two Years Early

Posted April 21, 2023

CHA Consulting, Inc. (CHA), an innovative engineering design, consulting and construction management firm, announced today that it has achieved its 2025 carbon reduction goal two years ahead of schedule. CHA set the goal in its 2019 Sustainability Report to decrease its carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent per employee by 20% from its 2019 baseline. Through various carbon reduction initiatives implemented since 2020, CHA achieved a 19% reduction in its CO2 equivalent per employee by the end of 2022. The remaining 1% was attained through investment in carbon offsets upon the recommendation of CHA’s Green Team, which is comprised of over 35 colleagues from throughout the organization with the responsibility to develop sustainability goals and measure progress.

CHA partnered with (Carbonfund) to purchase the carbon offsets. CHA’s investment will support the largest voluntary nitrous oxide (N2O) abatement project in North America, a partnership between Carbonfund and Ascend, to offset 269 metric tons. N2O is a greenhouse gas (GHG) that contributes to global warming and is 265 times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere than CO2. Ascend added an absorption system that captures and destroys N2O emissions from its plant in Cantonment, Florida.

“We are proud of our employees and offices for their dedicated efforts in reaching our carbon reduction goal two years ahead of schedule,” said Jim Stephenson, CEO of CHA Holdings. “Meeting this goal propels us forward as an organization while allowing our Green Team to establish new carbon reduction goals over 2023,” said Erin Crotty, CHA Senior Vice President, Government National Market Director, Green Team Chair.

CHA will continue to implement its carbon reduction measures and establish new goals for the future.

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About (Carbonfund) helps individuals and businesses easily calculate and offset their environmental footprint. By purchasing credits (often referred to as offsets), you can support projects which bring co-benefits to our environment and surrounding communities. Co-benefits vary from project to project, but some of the most common include improved air and water quality, erosion control, nutrient buffering, habitat protection, enhanced food supply, or providing local jobs. Carbonfund strives to find projects that provide the most co-benefits so that as its customers mitigate their emissions, and they can feel confident that their support extends beyond just their footprint. For more information, please visit