Every Week is Construction Safety Week

Posted May 4, 2022

Construction workers encounter dangers head-on every day. Our field staff faces challenges such as speeding traffic on busy roadway projects, unseen objects and debris in waterways, hazardous materials on project sites, sites heavy with existing utilities that we must maneuver around, and the continual movement of heavy equipment. It's imperative for organizations to plan, train, support one another and remain vigilant at all times in order to keep our construction sites safe.

Safety is integral to everything we do at CHA and is reflected in our established Health & Safety Expectations shared with our people. It is a collaborative effort that encompasses more than just personal protective equipment (PPE). CHA's robust health and safety program provides proactive planning, ongoing education and training, on-the-job coaching, and a staunch commitment from all levels of management and staff. 

May 2-6, 2022, is Construction Safety Week, and this year's theme, "Connected | Supported | Safe" has long been a part of CHA's People First Safety Culture. Our people-first approach to health and safety is fundamental to our aspiration of responsibly improving the world we live in. In fact, health and safety is a key element in the framework of a sustainable workforce, named one of the four pillars in the company's annual sustainability report.

Workers in our industry are constantly faced with unique safety risks on the job, such as trips, slips, and falls; being struck and injured by heavy equipment; the potential for electrocution; and more. Additionally, studies have shown that men and women working in construction face increased impacts on mental health due to work-related stress. EHS Today recently reported that more than 80% of construction workers have experienced stress while at work and are more vulnerable to burnout than in any other field.

As the Director of Corporate Health & Safety, I share resources and information to reinforce our responsibility to maintain a safe, healthy workplace in the office, at project sites, and in our homes. CHA is committed to equipping our employees with the necessary tools and knowledge to remain healthy and safe. Our comprehensive health and safety program provides robust education and training and on-the-job coaching and mentoring.

We know that attention to detail, maintaining focus, and asking for help make life safer for everyone. Fostering a "People First Safety Culture" empowers our employees to report potential safety issues, holding themselves and CHA accountable for the safety of not only our teams, but others who could potentially be affected by unsafe construction activities. The result is improved well-being and lowered risk of workplace incidents, injuries, and exposure to hazards for our employees, partners, and the general public.

The Results

With safety as a core organizational value, great things can be achieved. Recently, CHA's Advanced Energy Team celebrated "100,000 Safe Work Hours" while working on a manufacturing construction project in Boise, Idaho. By instilling a strong commitment to a people-first safety culture, our team surpassed industry safety standards for construction sites and, in the process, exceeded our client's expectations.

Enjoy the timelapse video below of 100,000 safe work hours in action!

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