Raising the Bar for Project Managers: Elevating Skills to Deliver Lasting Impact

Posted November 2, 2023

As an organization employing dedicated project managers, we celebrate International Project Management Day on November 2nd with deep thanks to our project management staff. CHA’s project managers lead projects, big and small, straightforward and complex, mainstays and visionary creations, to successful completion each and every day. They represent CHA with integrity and proficiency and continue to build their knowledge and skillset to keep pace with the technology and innovation that drive our industry to greater heights.

Project management is essential to our designs and to our clients. Creating inspiring solutions begins with great design but becomes reality through collaboration and skillful project management. Despite having some of the most experienced and skilled project managers across our sectors, CHA’s Project Management Office (PMO) has developed a robust certification program that continues to raise the bar on operational excellence. This certification program has brought amplified structure to our project management enterprise and involves a rigorous curriculum and training modules that require months to complete resulting in our Certified Project Manager credential.

A sizeable group of CHA project managers sought out certification immediately - as soon as we released the program. To date, more than 30 have earned the Certified Project Manager credential with many more working through the program. What better date than International Project Management Day to acknowledge our new class of Certified Project Managers and celebrate their hard-earned achievement and dedication to their clients and profession.