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City of Troy Seawall Stabilization

After Hurricane Irene, the City of Troy urgently needed to rehabilitate its 95-year-old, 3,400-foot concrete seawall lining the banks of the Hudson River.

CHA partnered with the City of Troy to design the multifaceted rehabilitation, knowing stabilization was crucial. There was a multitude of challenges, such as constructing the wall from barges within a tidal river environment, working with a very narrow footprint for the stabilization work due to concerns of encroachment into the river, and limitations imposed for construction activities due to extensive permitting requirements.

Our solutions included concrete repairs to the face of the wall, a new precast concrete panel system supported by steel piles and tiebacks, and an increase in wall’s height to further protect against rising flood levels. The City of Troy was left with a beautiful view, enhanced access to the river, protection for a major county wastewater interceptor sewer, and essential flood protection for their thriving downtown commercial district.

Project summary

>3K ft.

3,400 feet of 95-year-old concrete seawall rehabilitated.

1K ft.

1,000 feet of raised mitigation wall constructed.

9 yrs.

Nine-year initiative widely praised as a triumph.

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Michael Miller, PE*

Michael Miller, PE*
Vice President, Senior Principal Engineer

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Mike has over three decades of experience, particularly with hydrology and hydraulic applications. He has been involved in numerous projects involving the layout and design of utility systems, analyses of potential floodway hazards, and the evaluation of hydrologic and hydraulic impacts associated with urban development.