Class Location and High Consequence Area Analysis

Powering over 300,000 households and businesses across New York and New Jersey, Orange & Rockland sought to address class locations and high-consequence areas for high-pressure gas pipelines and facilities.

CHA utilized aerial imagery to identify structures within a specified buffer encompassing pipelines and facilities. Our skilled field crews were mobilized to verify intricate scenarios ranging from new construction to unidentifiable structures and densely populated areas. Verified data was then processed using the IntrepidĀ® software, enabling advanced analysis. By combining aerial assessment, on-site validation, and software processing, potential risks were discerned and effectively mitigated, and a summary report for the Class Locations and High Consequence Area study was developed.

Project summary


Supplying power to over 300,000 customers.


Two data collection methods: aerial and on-site validation.

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Neal O'Driscoll
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Neal has over two decades of experience in the management and delivery of geospatial solutions to energy, transportation and municipal clients. He is actively involved with the firm's largest oil and gas projects.