CR 661/Blackhall Road Bridge over Rum Creek

Blackhall Road crosses Rum Creek just downstream from the dam impounding 600-acre Lake Spivey. The 60-year-old bridge is a primary route for Henry County residents commuting to the Atlanta metropolitan area. Due to substandard geometrics and posted weight restrictions, the heavily traveled road required a bridge replacement with as little impact on the traveling public as possible.

Relying on CHA’s accelerated bridge construction (ABC) expertise, our team offered an innovative design and construction strategy to remove and replace the bridge. The new bridge was a three-span, 195-ft-long bridge constructed using precast concrete beams and decked bulb-tee beams connected with Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC). This method reduced the road closure duration and impact on the public from months to weeks and improved stopping-sight distance and hydraulic requirements.

Project summary

60 days

Road closure reduced from 6 months to 60 days.


The new three-span bridge was built via ABC.

195 ft.

The replacement is a 195-foot-long bridge.

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Jim Aitken, PE*

Jim Aitken, PE*
Associate Vice President, Project Team Leader, Principal Engineer

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Jim has 28 years of experience successfully managing, designing and delivering bridge and structural engineering projects as part of highway, transit and railroad projects throughout Georgia and the Southeast. Jim’s experience includes large, multi-disciplined design projects; bridge design task orders; design review task orders; and on-call construction support services.