Delaware Avenue Multi-Modal and Streetscape Enhancements

The Delaware Avenue corridor has undergone a vibrant transformation as the Town of Bethlehem led a $3.1 million initiative, with $1.2 million secured from the New York State Department of Transportation. This attractive and community-centered environment reflects a decade-long effort involving citizen groups and public/private collaborations.

CHA’s expertise in public outreach, traffic engineering, safety analysis, and landscape architecture played a crucial role in creating an attractive and community-centered environment. Extending from Elsmere Avenue to Adams Street, the project has enhanced walkability, accessibility, and community spirit, featuring improved pedestrian facilities, new bus stops, bicycle amenities, drainage improvements, landscaping, and green infrastructure like rain gardens and planter boxes.

Bethlehem's residents enjoy increased business activity and an improved quality of life along this walkable stretch. The thoughtful enhancements foster a sense of community, complemented by decorative brick-style crosswalks, flashing pedestrian beacons, overhead street light replacements, and a captivating mural on the Delaware Bridge abutments, celebrating the town's diverse neighborhoods and daily life.

Project summary

10 yrs.

Decade-long effort involving citizens and public/private collaborations.


Landscaping adds 118 trees to Delaware Avenue.

>1/2 m.

Transformed over a half mile along the town's busiest corridor.

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Manny Salorio, Jr., PE*

Manny Salorio, Jr., PE*
Associate Vice President, Sector Integration Leader

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Manny has over 30 years of experience in transportation and traffic-related design. He performs preliminary studies and final design on highway reconstruction and rehabilitation projects, as well as air quality analyses and other traffic-related studies. His highway design experience includes urban reconstruction projects, interstate reconstruction and realignment projects, highway reconstruction on new alignment, rehabilitation of existing highways, bridge replacements, and intersection improvements.