NEXT Beam Bridges in Indiana

The Northeast Extreme Tee beam, or NEXT beam, is an innovative technology developed by CHA and PCI Northeast. It offers a cost-effective, longer-lasting alternative to conventional structures, surpassing adjacent box beams—a common choice for short- and medium-span bridges in the Midwest. Unlike box beams, the NEXT beam eliminates unreinforced joints, enhances inspection visibility, and boasts superior durability. It also provides flexibility in bridge width, accommodates utilities, and accelerates construction timelines, minimizing traffic disruptions.

Indiana has thousands of adjacent box beam bridges, a prevalent option since the 1980s. However, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) recognized the need for an alternative due to maintenance challenges and premature deterioration. CHA proposed the NEXT beams as a solution, addressing concerns such as water intrusion with reinforced closure pours.

INDOT partnered with CHA to pilot three NEXT beam bridge projects, marking Indiana’s first NEXT beam bridges. These projects adhered to strict construction schedules and delivered design milestones ahead of schedule, demonstrating CHA’s commitment to project excellence. The projects include:

  • SR 341 Over Dry Run (CHA Designed): NEXT “D” Beam, a 59’-0” Single Span Rehabilitation of an Adjacent Box Beam Bridge.
  • SR 49 Over Ahlgrim Ditch (CHA Oversight): NEXT “D” Beam, a 49’-6” Single Span Full Replacement with Integral End Bents.
  • US 31 Over Blue Lick Creek (CHA Oversight): NEXT “E” Beam, a 72’-9” Single Span Rehabilitation of an Adjacent Box Beam Bridge.

These projects showcase a superior solution for short- and medium-span bridge replacements across the Midwest. CHA has strengthened its partnership with INDOT and solidified its role as a leading authority on NEXT beam technology in the region.

Project summary

75 yrs.

NEXT beams have a 75-year service life, which is nearly double that of adjacent box beams in the Midwest.


NEXT beams result in 30% less concrete for a similar span length and are easier to fabricate.


These first projects have eliminated the barrier to building NEXT beams in the Midwest.

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