Medford Police Station

CHA provided Owner’s Project Management (OPM) services for a new 39,936 SF, three-story police station constructed at the site of the Academy Building adjacent to the former Medford Police Station.

The $22 million facility includes modern offices and conference room spaces for the police officers, a new combined dispatch center, extensive storage for evidence, a fitness center, and modern detention facilities. The existing police station was demolished.

The building was designed and built Net-Zero Ready and will not burn fossil fuels. The city plans to meet energy needs from various sustainable resources, including the facility’s rooftop-mounted photovoltaic (PV) array. The design is expected to result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Project summary

>39K sf.

New police station covering 39,936 square feet.


Three-story building.


Zero fossil fuels will be burned.

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Sean Sweeney, CSL

Sean Sweeney, CSL
Project Management and Construction Management Business Line Director

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Sean has three decades of leadership and practical experience in the construction, real estate, and facility management industry. He has constructed public, commercial, retail, and residential projects in more than 37 U.S. states and overseas. His expertise encompasses the employment of complex project delivery systems using emerging technologies, cutting edge construction techniques, and fast-track program development and execution.