Transmission Foot Patrol Inspection

CHA conducted visual inspections on 850 miles of transmission line structures in New Hampshire using 2-person teams.  The teams employed various methods, including walking, using side-by-side utility terrain vehicles (UTV), and driving along existing rights-of-way (ROW), while collecting data on handheld tablets and high-resolution cameras. CHA assessed structures and hardware based on EPRI guidelines, providing comprehensive inspection reports and high-quality photos to Eversource along with daily updates.

Our team navigated hazardous conditions throughout the project and worked in environmentally sensitive areas, frequently encountering wildlife and vegetation overgrowth. To ensure the safety of our personnel and the success of our operations, CHA conducted daily tailboard meetings to address safety protocols and unique project challenges. Additionally, CHA invested in comprehensive safety training and outfitted personnel with appropriate safety equipment, including DOT-approved helmets, particularly when working in ROW and operating UTVs.

Project summary

850 mi.

Transmission line structures spanned 850 miles.


Two-person inspection teams conduct visual inspections.


Power delivered to more than 500,000 homes and businesses.

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Jim Horton, AICP, GISP
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