Tyndall Air Force Base – Design-Build Zone 4.1 Infrastructure, Site Development, and Utilities

Tyndall Air Force Base is undergoing major reconstruction after being devastated by Category 5 Hurricane Michael in 2018. The United States Air Force is reshaping Tyndall to be the “Base of the Future” with reconstruction being executed by USACE in 12 Zones of construction. CHA with joint venture partner Dewberry, is leading the design effort as a member of the Lane Construction Corporation design-build team for delivery of the Zone 4.1 Utilities and Infrastructure. The project includes the base-wide design and construction to provide new and upgraded roadways, drainage, underground utilities, and associated permitting to support the existing facilities and 12 zones of construction as part of the Hurricane Michael reconstruction effort. The project was awarded for $357 million.

This large, complex infrastructure project delivers over 8 miles of new and rehabilitated road networks and five new roundabouts to improve traffic flow and reduce emissions. Zone 4.1 is designed with military service personnel and families in mind including lighted multi-modal corridors and trails for a pedestrian-friendly installation. Utilities include 7 miles of potable and fire water mains with new pump station and water storage tank; 2.1 miles of sanitary sewer conveyance and force mains; 31 miles of new electrical distribution and switchyard; 17.3 miles of communications distribution; 4 miles of natural gas distribution; and 6.6 miles of stormwater drainage with four new master drainage stormwater ponds.

Project summary

8 mi

8 miles of new and rehabilitated road networks.

7 mi.

7 miles of potable and fire water mains.

31 mi.

31 miles of new electrical distribution.

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Dan Petno, PE*
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Dan has 39 years of experience overseeing aviation design and design-build projects. He is adept at establishing, controlling, and meeting rigorous project requirements for technical quality. Dan excels in handling complex technical requirements, accelerated schedules, tight deadlines, and fixed budgets.