US 31 Hamilton County Reconstruction

Located on the north side of Indianapolis, US 31 underwent a $358 million transformation and upgrade including 13 miles of signalized arterial roads to a full freeway facility, sustainable design of 46 bridges, 21 roundabouts, and 11 interchanges. As a major connector between I-465 and SR 38, it was imperative to upgrade US 31 to meet federal freeway standards.

Keeping safety in mind, our team provided an innovative solution — a system of “back-to-back” roundabouts — some of the first-ever built by INDOT and one of the country’s most complex series designed to provide a seamless freeway corridor. The newly reconstructed six-lane freeway was completed two years ahead of schedule and over $100 million under budget. CHA’s final design reduced congestion, improved safety, and provided reliable, efficient commerce and regional travel.

Project summary

2 yrs.

Project completed two years ahead of schedule.


More than $100M below project budget.


A most complex series of 21 roundabouts.

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Cory Lamb, PE*

Cory Lamb, PE*
Associate Vice President, Project Team Leader, Principal Engineer

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Cory has over 27 years of diversified experience in highway design, ranging from minor streets to interstates. He has been responsible for all aspects of highway design and engineering, including the coordination of teams of engineers and technicians on various projects. Cory's experience on projects for local municipal clients, private sector clients, and many state department of transportation agencies has given him a broad background in highway design.