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WCSA Water Treatment Plant and Distribution System

CHA provided planning, permitting, design, bidding, and construction phase services to the Washington County Service Authority (WCSA) for the upgrade of its Middle Fork Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to 12 MGD. This was accomplished in two construction projects. The first project expanded the WTP from 4.6 to 6.6 MGD to save the WCSA approximately $1,000,000 annually in water purchases and was designed and constructed in less than 20 months. The second construction project expanded the WTP from 6.6 to 12 MGD to provide reliable drinking water for the 30-year planning period.

The interim expansion and the final expansion to 12 MGD for the water treatment plant included pre-sedimentation with tube settlers in the existing sedimentation basins, high-rate sedimentation utilizing three adsorption clarifiers the retrofit of three existing dual media filters, the construction of five new dual media filters, and 600 horsepower finished water pumps. Additional improvements included the baffling of the existing clearwell, a chemical storage and feed complex, new flocculation tanks, and an energy recovery turbine to save the WCSA approximately $30,000 annually in power costs.

Project summary


$1 million savings to WCSA annually in water purchases.

20 mos.

Design and construction completed in less than 20 months.

30 yrs.

Reliable drinking water will be supplied for the 30-year planning period.

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Doug Hudgins, PE*

Doug Hudgins, PE*
Vice President, Project Team Leader, Senior Principal Engineer

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Doug has several decades of experience planning, designing, and implementing wastewater collection, water supply, and treatment systems. He has dedicated the majority of his time to assisting clients with water and wastewater treatment upgrades and wet weather flow issues, including the Town of Christiansburg, the Town of Purcellville, the BVPISA, the Town of Abingdon, and the West Virginia Water Authority.