96th Street and Keystone Parkway Interchange and Corridor Improvement

The 96th Street and Keystone Parkway Corridor in Carmel and Indianapolis is one of the busiest intersections in Indiana. With over 85,000 vehicles using the intersection daily, this $35 million project required a significant transformation to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.

The solution? An innovative roundabout interchange to provide a seamless flow. The new design replaced the existing signalized intersection with a split-grade teardrop roundabout interchange, a six-lane bridge, a collector-distributor roadway, five roundabouts at and along 96th Street, and three connector roadways. The corridor improvements overwhelmingly reduce delays, achieve a recommended level of service, and improve safety and air quality. Daily users now have a faster commute, with travel times reduced by upwards of 15 minutes.

Project summary

15 min.

Travel times reduced by upwards of 15 minutes.


Over 85,000 vehicles use this intersection daily.


Five new roundabouts at and along 96th street.

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Cory Lamb, PE*

Cory Lamb, PE*
Associate Vice President, Project Team Leader, Principal Engineer

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Cory has over 27 years of diversified experience in highway design, ranging from minor streets to interstates. He has been responsible for all aspects of highway design and engineering, including the coordination of teams of engineers and technicians on various projects. Cory's experience on projects for local municipal clients, private sector clients, and many state department of transportation agencies has given him a broad background in highway design.