Geospatial Program Management

Citizens Energy Group (CEG), a key utility service provider, teamed up with CHA to amplify its operations. CEG, catering to the needs of approximately 900,000 residents and supporting many businesses in Indianapolis, is renowned for delivering essential natural gas, thermal energy, water, and wastewater services.

CHA’s asset management experts provide on-going technology services to support CEG’s geospatial and asset management teams. These initiatives include SharePoint automation, a pivotal tool in streamlining CEG's workflow, GIS data management, business process analysis, and quality assurance and quality control services. Our collaboration underscores our commitment to empowering CEG's mission of providing essential utility services to the community.

Project summary


Providing service to over 900,000 customers.


Four essential utility services: natural gas, thermal, water, and wastewater.

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Neal O'Driscoll

Neal O'Driscoll
Senior Vice President, Business Line Director

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Neal has over two decades of experience in the management and delivery of geospatial solutions to energy, transportation and municipal clients. He is actively involved with the firm's largest oil and gas projects.