Hospital Energy Efficiency Program Commissioning

CHA plays a crucial role in supporting PSEG's Hospital Energy Efficiency Program, an effort that funds the installation of energy conservation measures at hospitals and health care facilities in New Jersey and has resulted in an average annual energy cost savings of more than $400,000 per hospital. CHA has provided commissioning (Cx) and measurement and verification (M&V) services for over 30 hospitals participating in the program, with an average facility area of 525,000 square feet. As the exclusive commissioning agent for PSEG's program, CHA's responsibilities include design, construction, and warranty phase Cx services. Furthermore, CHA's scope of work extends to a year of M&V activities post-construction, focused on monitoring system operation and validating energy savings.

To facilitate this process, we collect system and equipment trend data monthly using Building Management Systems (BMS) and/or standalone data loggers. We perform quarterly M&V analyses and generate comprehensive M&V reports, which are submitted to both PSEG and the respective hospitals. CHA has successfully provided Cx and M&V services for various systems and equipment within the program, ensuring energy efficiency and optimal performance.

Project summary


CHA has provided services to over 30 hospitals.

525K sf.

Each facility averages 525,000 square feet.


$400,000 in average annual energy cost savings per hospital.

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Mitch DeWein, CEM

Mitch DeWein, CEM
Project Team Leader, Generation and Energy

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Mitch is a senior energy analyst and oversees detailed energy assessments, cogeneration studies and district energy plans. He brings 10 years of experience in mechanical system design, equipment selection, energy analysis, construction cost estimation, and design coordination.