National Grid 3rd Party Attachments

CHA is playing a key role in facilitating third party attachments for utility company National Grid through mobilization, field inspections, data manipulation, make-ready documentation, and application submittals. Our team conducts field inspections of pre-approved poles and gathers data using IKE 4 devices. This data capture is an essential element in the documentation needed for 3rd party attachment applications.

After collecting field data, our team meticulously documents current infrastructure conditions and fulfills National Grid's mandatory documentation requirements, encompassing evaluations for preparatory actions and thorough research into preexisting conditions. Following thorough reconciliation, we provide necessary make-ready modifications to the Telecommunications Company (Telco) to complete their application. CHA coordinates with Joint Owners (JO) for reconciliation, and once approved, the essential geographic information system (GIS) work is completed in National Grid's system. Our team of technology professionals excels in mobile application development, including the design of custom applications, equipment configuration, and adept data management.

Project summary


Data capture essential for 3rd party attachment documentation.


Field crews gather data on poles using IKE 4 devices.

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Joe Trimarchi, PE*

Joe Trimarchi, PE*
Vice President, Project Team Leader, Chief Engineer

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Joe is a licensed professional engineer with over two decades of utilities experience. His responsibilities have included management and supervision on a variety of project types, design, and engineering. Joe’s technical experience includes engineering and design for overhead transmission line projects.