Maine Plastic Surgery, Healthcare Center

Maine Plastic Surgery partnered with CHA to design a boutique medical practice, balancing a high-end aesthetic with the functional demands of clinical operations. The layout’s foundation rests upon the organization of the client’s program, thoughtfully segmented into three interconnected sections. From the third-floor elevator lobby, distinct patient entry points distinguish the consultation/spa functions from the clinical practice. A discreet staff entry bridges these, streamlining backstage functions. Patient privacy and discretion influenced the layout and patient flow throughout the facility.

The interior design echoes modern elegance meeting industrial allure. An eclectic mix of contrasting finishes—blackened steel, white quartz, patterned glass, and reclaimed barn wood—draws inspiration from Maine’s rocky coastal landscape. Clinical spaces prioritize hygiene while maintaining a sense of warmth and the overarching palette. High ceilings, oversized doors, and decorative lighting amplify the elegant ambiance. Expansive windows illuminate the space with natural light, revealing breathtaking views of coastal marshland.

On the consultation and aesthetic side, areas encompass reception, a waiting room, check-out area, a photo room, two consultation rooms, an exam room, an aesthetic room, and an injection room. The procedure wing comprises reception, a nurses’ station, a waiting room, changing rooms, an exam room, a two-bay recovery zone, and procedure rooms.

This harmonious design showcases Maine Plastic Surgery's commitment to luxury, functionality, and patient well-being.

Project summary

5K sf.

Renovation of 5,000 square feet.


Boutique with three contiguous sections fulfilling patients' needs.


Project was accomplished in two phases.

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