The Residences at 1500 Main

The Residences at 1500 Main in Weymouth, Massachusetts, is a dynamic mixed-use development on a 5.5-acre site. Existing structures were cleared to create space for three 5-story buildings: two mixed-use and one residential. With LEED certification in mind, these buildings offer 237 residential units and commercial space, accompanied by central parking, outdoor amenities, and utility improvements.

CHA shaped the development’s site design, including layout, drainage, water, sewer, electric, and gas services. Our flood study work resulted in a Letter of Map Revision submission to FEMA, enhancing the project’s flood resilience.

The Residences at 1500 Main has transformed a former warehouse site into a vibrant and sustainable community.

Project summary


Three buildings supporting 237 residential units, with 332 total bedrooms.

6K sf.

Mixed-use development featuring 6,120 square feet of commercial space.


Unused warehouse demolished to create space on a 5.5-acre site.

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Tyler King, PE*

Tyler King, PE*
Section Manager, Project Engineer

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Tyler has over a decade of project management and site design expertise in land development. His skills encompass navigating regulatory requirements, application assembly, site layout, stormwater management, and utility design. Additionally, Tyler has managed the construction of gas stations and restaurants, handling subcontractor coordination and budget management.