Toronto Deep Lake Water Cooling

Beneath the picturesque surface of Lake Ontario lies Toronto's most precious source of renewable energy: the abundant reserves of cold, refreshing water. A new deep lake water cooling system brings refreshing air temperatures to numerous locations across Toronto, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency.

CHA managed the detailed design of the Enwave Deep Water Cooling project, drawing approximately 70,000 gallons per minute of 39°F water from Lake Ontario using three 63-inch diameter HDPE pipes extending 18,000 feet to a depth of 280 feet. After cooling the circulating chilled water of Enwave's district cooling system, the lake water is routed to the city's potable water distribution system. In addition to reducing water consumption and operating costs, the cold water from deep in the lake eliminated the taste and odor problems of Toronto's summer drinking water.

Project summary


Electricity use is reduced by 90,000 megawatt hours annually.

18K ft.

18,000 feet of HDPE pipe extends to a depth of 280 feet.


The system draws 70,000 gallons per minute of 39°F lake water.

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John Joyce, P.Eng.*

John Joyce, P.Eng.*
Associate Vice President, Business Practice Leader, Power and Thermal Generation

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John has over two decades of experience gained from the roles of Business Manager for Hatch Energy and Director of Operations for Trenergy Inc. He also has international experience in business development, corporate governance and project execution for the power generation and heavy industrial machinery industries.