Water Resources

Designing and managing infrastructure to deliver clean, safe water to use is one of the most important things we do. That takes innovating responsible water solutions, crafting environmentally sound and cost-effective projects for stormwater, water and wastewater. We do everything from efficiently assessing, planning and designing, to managing required infrastructure, meeting stringent regulations and delivering clean and safe water services.

Tim George

Tim George
Senior Vice President, Business Line Director

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Clean water has emerged as one of the most critical issues of our times, and we’re always searching for better ways to address the water crisis. Aging water and wastewater infrastructure, emerging contaminants, extreme weather events, rising sea levels, replacement of lead pipes, sewer failure, and asset management are just some of the critical issues demanding innovative solutions that CHA is prepared and eager to deliver. Water, wastewater and stormwater challenges can have devastating impacts to residents and businesses, so we’re on the front lines, developing sustainable, multi-faceted approaches for communities big and small. We are modernizing water infrastructure, making big impacts, and bringing a better future within reach.