Transportation forms the very backbone of our society. Continuing to improve its infrastructure directly enhances the quality of our lives. We offer comprehensive solutions for every step of the journey, encompassing airport terminals and runways, intelligent traffic solutions, innovative bridge design, roads, highways, intersections and roundabouts, and engineering inspection and maintenance of critical infrastructure. Collaborating with public and private transportation entities, we share a common purpose: advancing communities safely and intelligently.

Brian Whitaker, PE*

Brian Whitaker, PE*
Senior Vice President, Southeast Government Market Segment Leader

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Whether it’s a complex metropolitan traffic and ITS project, a time-sensitive runway rehabilitation, or a bridge replacement over a small creek, we help you do it all. Transportation done right means safe and efficient movement of people and goods between locations. Communities are strengthened and economies grow when transportation works for the people who use it – from bikes and pedestrians to cars, buses, trucks and planes. Resilient infrastructure is necessary for cities, counties and towns but is being challenged by multiple forces from climate change and deterioration due to old age to congestion. That’s why we’re on a mission – always searching for a better way.