When transportation is done right, it means safe and efficient movement of people and goods from point A to point B. With our experience, creativity and expertise, we are dedicated to enhancing the nation’s transportation infrastructure – one road, bridge, railway, waterway or multimodal facility at a time.

Our commitment to improving our aging transportation infrastructure is fueled by a vision of a better-connected world where movement is seamless, safe, and sustainable. As we thoughtfully address the diverse challenges posed by each road, bridge, railway, waterway, or multimodal facility, we are contributing to the vision of progress that promises enhanced mobility, increased economic vitality, and a positive impact on our communities. Every project demonstrates our commitment to improving our world, as we work to elevate the transportation experience and create solutions that stand the test of time.

Phil Stevens, Ph.D., PE, F.ASCE*

Phil Stevens, Ph.D., PE, F.ASCE*
Senior Vice President, Business Line Director

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Transportation is the tie that binds all of life, whether it be employment, healthcare, education, shopping, entertainment, or recreation. We’re embedded in our local communities and take pride in improving things where we live, work and play. Planning, designing, building, and operating modern, safe and efficient roadways, bridges, airports and railways is a top priority as we work toward a future where transportation infrastructure is resilient to climate change, facilitates all modes of travel, and promotes equity and sustainability in our communities. We’re always searching for a better solution.