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Our multi-disciplined software and services help clients make informed business decisions. A team of experts backs these comprehensive solutions and provides asset visualization, regulatory compliance, risk and integrity management, operational improvement, geospatial support, and more.

We pride ourselves on being relationship-focused, dedicated and determined to find successful solutions for even the most complex situations. We possess the subject matter expertise for a multitude of scenarios, including asset management, GIS consulting, and mapping services. Our software solutions, Esri platform services, data management services, and advanced data analytic teams support projects across business lines so clients can optimize their return on investment.

In addition, we offer a wide range of scanning, ARVR, AI, drones, BIM, deferred maintenance management, and other tools that fuel productivity and create opportunities to deliver solutions that reach beyond today’s possibilities. Our technology solutions span markets and sectors, delivering information and energizing design and management teams – sparking the imagination and optimizing results.

Neal O'Driscoll

Neal O'Driscoll
Senior Vice President, Business Line Director

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Across our CHA markets, we provide industry-leading software applications and a wide range of comprehensive solutions and services to meet our clients’ unique needs. It doesn’t matter if your assets are outside or indoors, above ground or below ground; our digital solutions align with your business goals. We believe adding location intelligence helps unlock the full potential of your data in terms of authority, accuracy, visualization, and business decisions.

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Digital Solutions

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