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We are always innovating by asking ourselves if there’s a better way. Our goal is to leverage technology platforms across the spectrum of new advances to deliver scalable and user-friendly solutions that efficiently manage and interpret critical data – elevating workflow efficiency while boosting user productivity. The capacity to manage, interpret and utilize critical information is a cornerstone of modern operations, engineering and design. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to address these needs, with the aim of enhancing overall workflow efficiency, and significantly improving user productivity.

We offer a wide range of asset management, GIS consulting and mapping services in addition to scanning, ARVR, AI, drones, BIM, deferred maintenance management, and other tools that fuel productivity and create opportunities to deliver solutions that reach beyond today’s possibilities. Our technology solutions span markets and sectors, delivering information and energizing design and management teams – sparking the imagination and optimizing results.

Neal O'Driscoll

Neal O'Driscoll
Senior Vice President, Business Line Director

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Our digital tools facilitate a better way forward. As a technology solutions provider, we have long been committed to providing solutions built upon and fully leveraging the Esri technology platform to offer a comprehensive suite of high-performance modular software applications. These tools can be implemented as stand-alone software applications, or seamlessly integrated and deployed across an enterprise for pipeline and facilities data management, engineering, operations, regulatory compliance, integrity management, field computing, and cross-enterprise decision support. Our expanding technology solutions now empower our clients across many markets with information they can use to maximize opportunities. Our clients reap exceptional value from our forward-leaning use of technology and tools that fuel productivity, innovation and quality.

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Digital Solutions

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