Educating students, conducting research, delivering healthcare, providing emergency services, and manufacturing equipment and goods are the missions of our institutions, communities, and industry. These organizations are focused on delivering services and products and are not in the capital asset management business. However, since their capital assets are key to their ability to deliver on their mission, managing and understanding the implications of deferred maintenance are critical to their ongoing operations. Managing their ongoing short-term maintenance alone is not a small task, and maintenance is regularly deferred due to lack of resources, time, and cost. This deferred maintenance, postponed and unaccounted for, could one day become a critical failure with high cost.

Our team at CHA employs renu360 as a platform where building owners, finance officers, facility managers, and municipalities can fully understand the condition of their built assets, as well as the level of investment needed to maintain these facilities. This tool allows the facility and planning team unparalleled insight into their built assets so they can provide proper stewardship of these facilities.

The renu360 platform starts with a CHA team of expert assessors collecting data via tablets on each facility. Once the data is collected and accumulated in renu360, that information can be used to prioritize the most critical issues, bundle projects into the most cost-effective and efficient delivery method, and provide scenario planning to determine future needs.

Interested in better understanding your built assets? Contact us and learn how renu360 can help your team become better stewards of your built assets.

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Sean Sweeney, MCPPO, CCM, LEED AP BD+C & O+M

Sean Sweeney, MCPPO, CCM, LEED AP BD+C & O+M
Project Management and Construction Management Business Line Director

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Sean has three decades of leadership and practical experience in the construction, real estate, and facility management industry. He has constructed public, commercial, retail, and residential projects in more than 37 U.S. states and overseas. His expertise encompasses the employment of complex project delivery systems using emerging technologies, cutting edge construction techniques, and fast-track program development and execution.