Gas HCA/MCA Calculator Pro Add-in

CHA’s Gas High and Moderate Consequence Areas (HCA/MCA) Calculator, designed for use with ArcGIS Pro, empowers operators to bolster data accuracy and credibility. The calculator aligns with federal regulations, specifically compliance requirements prescribed in U.S. CFR Title 49, Part 192, SubPart O, Sections §192.3, §192.5, §192.903 (dated October 1, 2019).

This versatile and intuitive tool facilitates the precise calculation of high and moderate consequence areas along an operator’s pipeline. Built-in validation tools give users confidence in the accuracy of results. The Potential Impact Circle (PIC) tool simplifies visualization by allowing users to effortlessly click and drag along the pipeline while the tool draws a circle representing the PIC in that area. Users can easily see which structures are in or out of the PIC at any given point, even when the PIC changes. The calculator also offers a dedicated structure impact tool, highlighting structures contributing to HCA or MCA determinations.

Integration with Esri’s ArcGIS Pro enhances the user experience and analytical capabilities. Users can conduct multiple analyses with varied inputs to explore “what if” scenarios and compare outcomes side by side. The calculator’s user interface seamlessly integrates with ArcGIS Pro, enabling efficient filtering and selection and allowing users to drill down to see the root causes behind HCA/MCA designations.

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