Corrivo represents the next evolution of full loop (office-to-field-to-office) compliance management and asset data collection for pipeline operators and utilities. It offers real-time field observation access, streamlines operations, and enhances decision-making with performance insights. This map-based tool integrates with Esri ArcGIS Enterprise and is compatible with iOS and Windows devices. Its adaptability to various work activities makes it incredibly versatile.

Corrivo presents immediate insights with its built-in modules. These ready-to-use tools include the leak survey module, tailored for gas utilities, enabling them to conduct defendable and trackable surveys, enhancing data quality while minimizing errors. Other tools, like the aerial patrol module, effortlessly integrate with existing work order systems, eliminating the need for post-flight reporting. In addition to these powerful out-of-the-box modules, Corrivo offers the flexibility to be customized to your exact specifications, enabling it to meet your unique needs.

Corrivo proves invaluable across a spectrum of scenarios, from streamlining office-to-field workflows and conducting area inspections to meeting compliance requirements, handling O&M tasks, and tackling various in-the-field activities. Contact us for a software demo to experience its affordability, scalability, user-friendly interface, and ease of configuration.

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Neal O'Driscoll
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Neal has over two decades of experience in the management and delivery of geospatial solutions to energy, transportation and municipal clients. He is actively involved with the firm's largest oil and gas projects.