Every airport, regardless of its size, depends on a unique set of facilities and infrastructure to meet the specific needs of their community, stakeholders, and partners. Our team excels in delivering specialized airside, landside, and facility-related planning and design. We bring a wealth of experience to our aviation clients so that they can continue to be viable assets to the communities they serve.

Because we are a full-service consulting firm, we can bring the wide variety of experts needed to serve our aviation clients. At the heart of our approach is the seamless integration of solutions - from airside facilities, where aircraft take off, land, and taxi, to the landside facilities catering to passenger terminals, ground transportation, and parking. CHA has a proven track record in serving the aviation industry as trusted advisors to airport sponsors, both large and small. Our team brings a wide range of experience focused on creating solutions for a cohesive airport environment that optimizes efficiency, safety, and passenger experience.

Mike DeVoy, PE*

Mike DeVoy, PE*
Aviation Business Line Director

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Airports are economic hubs and the heart of the communities they serve – welcoming visitors, accommodating travelers of all abilities, providing unique amenities, and facilitating the movement of air cargo. Airports, large and small, are facing significant customer and operational challenges that demand unique solutions for airside and landside facility needs. Our aviation planners and engineers are ready to develop better solutions that deliver big impact. We’re built on collaboration and focused on helping people, modernizing our airports for a brighter future.