Sports Facility Design

The athletic and recreation landscape continually reinvents itself with new regulations, materials and technologies to better serve athletes and spectators. We translate these changing demands into buildable, affordable and exciting facilities. From Division I stadiums, pools and training spaces to large municipal baseball, softball and soccer fields, we champion award-winning, creative solutions and designs that generate the most inspiration and value. We combine in-house architecture, landscape architecture, and full engineering capabilities into a single comprehensive package, bringing fans to the stands and athletes on the field in record time. By providing sustainable, state-of-the-art solutions, we give back to the sports we cherish—and the communities that love them.

Ed O'Hara, RLA*

Ed O'Hara, RLA*
Sports Business Line Director

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Heroes are born, champions are crowned, and hearts are sometimes broken in sports venues that serve two groups – the athletes who train and compete and the fans who cheer them on with passion and pride. Our specialized expertise caters to both. We blend high-quality designs with a modern perspective to create sports design solutions that foster unique, personal experiences on and off playing fields, stadiums, courts, pools, and tracks. By skillfully integrating technology, sustainability, functional know-how, and imagination, we find and deliver solutions that inspire. We’re always innovating, always asking if there’s a better way.