Net Zero Building Solutions

We’re innovating for a sustainable future every day. Our services include smart and sustainable building design, space planning and PMCM initiatives like Stretch Code, LEED, CHPS and Passive House. We also provide renewable energy solutions and energy audits to promote sustainability in every project.

Our team of experts harnesses cutting-edge technologies and innovative concepts to design structures that not only fulfill their intended functions but also harmonize with the environment. Through innovative architectural and engineering solutions, we find ways to minimize resource consumption, reduce waste, and create spaces that endure.

Philip Hayes

Philip Hayes
Business Practice Leader, Senior Project Manager

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Balancing environmental consciousness with innovative architectural and engineering solutions is a priority for us. We have a responsibility to build a more sustainable future, so we’re driving change in our building projects by leveraging our vast experience to champion the best options for sustainable design to design buildings that produce as much energy as they use. Always searching for a better way – this is how we’re improving our world.