Clean and safe water and wastewater management is vital for every community’s well-being. We deliver environmentally friendly and cost-effective water, wastewater, and stormwater projects, handling every step from assessment to planning and design in these critical situations.

From inventive wastewater treatment solutions and stormwater management to resilient water supply services, we've successfully completed countless water/wastewater and sewer rehabilitation projects. Our expertise spans miles of pipelines, millions of gallons of water treatment, and a long list of satisfied clients who've witnessed our commitment to creating positive change. By prioritizing clean water solutions, we're playing a crucial role in delivering clean, healthy water to our communities, enriching lives, and improving our world.

Aziz Ahmed, PE*

Aziz Ahmed, PE*
Vice President, Chief Engineer, Senior Principal Engineer

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The power of water is clear to us, and we’re searching for the next sustainable solution. From CSO and stormwater solutions to solid waste, sewer, wastewater treatment, and water supply services, we understand the biggest impact comes from caring about the smallest details. We’re modernizing water infrastructure and laying a strong foundation today to keep communities thriving tomorrow. We strive to bring a better future within reach, one community at a time.