Manufacturing & Advanced Technology Facilities

The world is rapidly changing, and we understand what that means for the future of manufacturing. Our expert teams combine an awareness of where the industry is headed with an understanding of where you want to go. From planning to design, to improving operations and creating cost efficiency, we can help you do more and optimize your manufacturing facilities.

Enhancing facility use and energy efficiency demand proven insight supported by expertise in planning and design. From plastics and chemicals to pharmaceuticals and hydrogen fuel cells, our clients depend on us to elevate and enhance their facilities, curbing operational expenses and heightening their competitiveness. We deliver strategies offering the highest potential for cost reduction, requiring minimal operational disruptions, and promising substantial returns on investment.

Frank Griggs III, PE*

Frank Griggs III, PE*
Senior Vice President, Business Line Director

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Competition and demand for manufactured goods, including pharmaceuticals, plastics, and semi-conductors are stronger than ever and driving expansion plans. Organizations must strategically execute facility upgrades that can cause disruption to existing operations. Our team has the expertise to guide and design practical solutions with minimal operational interference and downtime. We will work beside you to create solutions that meet your operational needs while minimizing challenges to your current operations. We pay attention to the smallest details to make the biggest impacts. We’re always searching for a better way to deliver for our clients so they can deliver for their customers.