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CHA offers an essential ArcGIS Pro add-in for calculating and validating class location areas in the United States and Canada, promoting compliance with stringent regulatory and safety requirements crucial for successful gas pipeline operation. Our class calculator for ArcGIS Pro aligns with U.S. CFR Title 49, Part 192, Subpart A, Section ยง192.5 for the United States and CSA Z662-19 for Canada.

With this tool, users can confidently generate legally defensible results. Its user-friendly interface allows users to save settings for future use, facilitating easy comparisons and audits. It's the ultimate solution for users requiring advanced class location analysis, including structure-by-structure validation and visual sliding class assessment units (e.g., one mile).

Contact us to request a software demo to see firsthand how the Class Calculator Pro Add-in can simplify operations, comply with regulations, and save valuable time.

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