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CHA’s Intrepid® solution is your key to enhancing pipeline profitability through precise and easily accessible information. Our Intrepid® suite consists of a versatile collection of high-performance modular software applications. These can be deployed as stand-alone software applications or seamlessly integrated across your enterprise, delivering exceptional value.

Intrepid® has emerged as an indispensable and proven component of numerous organizations’ compliance, asset management, and integrity management programs. Its reach extends across your entire organization, making it a vital resource for multiple stakeholders. Thanks to its adaptable design, Intrepid® caters to diverse user requirements, making asset and operational information readily accessible to executives and users alike. Most importantly, Intrepid® provides users with the application functionality, workflow support, and data critical to meeting day-to-day operational support needs.

Intrepid® connects users with pipeline data, analytical tools, and essential corporate knowledge, empowering them to make critical decisions confidently. Request a software demo to witness how the Intrepid® platform provides the insights needed to transform your organization.

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Neal O'Driscoll
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Neal has over two decades of experience in the management and delivery of geospatial solutions to energy, transportation and municipal clients. He is actively involved with the firm's largest oil and gas projects.